Kickshaw Theatre aims to light up Ann Arbor with ‘The Electric Baby’

ELECTRIC-BABY-KICKSHAWNo, “The Electric Baby” isn’t the name of a new band; it’s the first full production to be staged by Kickshaw Theatre – a new, Ann Arbor-based professional company.

Written by Stefanie Zadravec, “Baby” tells the darkly comic, fantastical story of six people whose lives collide following a tragic car crash, and a mysterious, glowing infant that might lead them all to find love, strength, and forgiveness.

“I never saw a production of it,” said director and Kickshaw co-founder Lynn Lammers. (“Baby” had its world premiere in Pittsburgh in 2012.) “I just came upon it through a deep, deep, deep dive of looking for plays that are theatrical, and tell diverse stories, and are written by a playwright who maybe deserves to have her day in the sun, but hasn’t yet. … And I thought that, as our first full production, this would say something about what Kickshaw is about, and what it’s going to be.” READ THE REST HERE


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