Exclusive interview with Mitch Albom about his new show, ‘Hockey: The Musical’

albomIn regard to bestselling author/journalist Mitch Albom’s new musical comedy stage farce, Hockey: The Musical, the puck will drop mid-May.

And if you haven’t heard about this new project, you’re not alone. “I haven’t really talked to anyone about it,” said Albom. “But when we listed for auditions – it’s hard to keep something quiet once you do that.”

Indeed. But what will the show be about – beyond, you know, hockey? “In a nutshell, it’s about what happens when the universe, or God, decides there are too many sports in the world, so one has to go,” Albom said. “Hockey has been chosen to be eliminated from the world, but a fan comes forth and begs and says, ‘No, not hockey! Please, please not hockey!’ The deal is, if he can find 5 pure souls to explain why hockey shouldn’t be eliminated, heaven will relent and choose another sport.” READ THE REST HERE


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