REVIEW ( ‘Smart Love’ at the Purple Rose Theatre

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.20.31 AM.pngIn recent years, technology has fed our impulses so successfully that we’ve grown accustomed to getting instant answers to questions, and watching or listening to or reading anything we want, whenever we want it. Fewer and fewer mundane desires ever go unfulfilled. But are we happier now? And is something lost when we never experience anticipation, and very little outstrips our reach?

These are some of the many, many questions raised in Brian Letscher’s new comic drama, Smart Love, now having its world premiere at the Purple Rose Theatre. The play begins in the wee, still-dark hours of the morning, when a cozy, post-coital scene between a recent widow, Sandy (Sarab Kamoo), and her widower boyfriend, Victor (Jim Porterfield) is abruptly halted by the unexpected arrival of Sandy’s son, Benji (David Bendena). Mother and son have been out of contact for a while, following the sudden collapse, seven months earlier, of the family patriarch, Ron (Wayne David Parker): a dreamy inventor who never saw his years of hard work come to fruition.

And while all signs indicate that Sandy is moving forward with her life, Benji – an MIT doctoral student who works in an artificial intelligence lab and witnessed his beloved father’s death – is a future-embracing young scientist who can’t stop looking back. He makes the ultimate dramatic gesture on the eve of what would have been his parents’ 25th anniversary, but he does so without knowing all the facts about their marriage. READ THE REST HERE

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