My Michigan Alumnus story about U-M prof’s research on positive work environments


Kim Cameron

Through his research, U-M Professor Kim Cameron has discovered the benefits of the “heliotropic” effect, wherein all living systems bend toward that which is life-giving and lean away from that which is life-depleting. It is one of the building blocks of his work.

No, Cameron is not a professor of biology. Rather, as a member of the Ross School of Business faculty, he is one of the top scholars in the organizational sciences. Cameron’s scholarship—including 15 books and involvement in more than 120 academic articles—has demonstrated that the natural law applies not only to the sun-yearning plant on the windowsill, but also to professionals in a work environment.

He argues that a humane, positive work culture that emphasizes the “deviant good,” or what’s going well, tends to perform better and be more productive than one that focuses on the “deviant bad.”

Cameron, who co-founded U-M’s Center for Positive Organizations, recently traveled to share his ideas with consultants in Japan, as well as natural gas executives in China, but he took a few minutes while abroad to answer questions about his work. READ THE REST HERE


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