REVIEW ( ‘Vino Veritas’ at the Purple Rose Theatre

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.58.02 PM

Kate Thomsen and Aphrodite Nikolovski in “Vino Veritaas” at the Purple Rose Theatre. (Photo by Sean Carter Photography)

“You’re different from the man I married,” a character says in the Purple Rose Theatre’s revival of David MacGregor’s Vino Veritas – and that’s before two suburban couples have thrown back glasses of an exotic Peruvian wine that acts as a truth serum.

Yet, the line reveals the dirty little secret of marriage, doesn’t it? People don’t stop changing just because you’ve reached adulthood, and rings are exchanged, and promises are made. Indeed, one of the primary challenges of a maturing marriage – particularly when parenting is added into the mix – is whether your own still-twisting life path, and that of your partner’s, intersect often enough that you still feel you’re on the same map.

In Vino, photography studio owners Lauren (Kate Thomsen) and Phil (David Bendena), who’d previously lived a more daring, globetrotting lifestyle, are meeting up with their best friends – neighbors Ridley (Alex Leydenfrost), a doctor, and Claire (Aphrodite Nikolovski), a housewife –before heading to a Halloween party. This pre-party turns into something far more riveting, though, when Lauren brings out a special wine from the couple’s recent trip, and each of the four adults must decide how much truth they can handle, both from themselves and each other. READ THE REST HERE


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