REVIEW (Pulp): Pink Martini w/ China Forbes at the Power Center

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.09.45 PM.pngIf you’re at a concert, and during the course of the evening, one of the performers says, “That last song was in Turkish, and this next song is in Armenian,” it’s a pretty sure bet you’re seeing world music super-group Pink Martini. (Lucky you!)

A sold-out crowd packed the Power Center on Tuesday night to see the 11-member, Oregon-based band, which filled the second slot in this year’s Ann Arbor Summer Festival main stage season after Diana Krall kicked things off last week.

Upon her first entrance, vocalist China Forbes put the (hot) pink in Pink Martini, wearing a voluminous, elegant fuschia gown and glittering platform shoes. The 10 male musicians surrounding her on stage, meanwhile, wore neutrally colored (but equally natty and contemporary) suits. The overall effect married the formality of the music industry’s past to the individuality of the present, reinforcing Pink Martini’s vibe: elegance, whimsy, and something I can only describe as “modern retro.” READ THE REST HERE


One thought on “REVIEW (Pulp): Pink Martini w/ China Forbes at the Power Center

  1. Jenn- Wonderful review! You can tell that the ensemble really loves their Ann Arbor audience. We get the jokes, the humor, and we get the music. Thanks for writing for “Pulp” and other outlets. You’re an excellent author.


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