My Communication Arts magazine profile of Chicago-based caricaturist Jason Seiler


The new Communication Arts Design Annual has arrived!

In illustrator and caricaturist Jason Seiler’s North Chicago apartment, there’s little to no separation between family and art.

Seiler’s tidy in-home studio—a white-walled den that branches off from the living room—is decorated with a large portrait painted by his wife, Jackie (who’s expecting the couple’s first child in the fall); a couple of paintings and a duck stamp by his award-winning wildlife painter father, Larry; a mounted fox that was a Christmas gift from his younger brother, Jeremy, who only recently began dabbling in taxidermy as a hobby (yet he has already won statewide awards in Wisconsin); a crayon drawing of Supergirl, created by one of Seiler’s two daughters (aged ten and thirteen) from his first marriage; and some of his own favorite projects, including covers from magazines and newspapers like the New York ObserverThe Weekly Standard and Time that take up every inch of the room’s folding closet doors.

Seiler—who wears a newsboy cap, often smokes a pipe when walking around his Rogers Park neighborhood and sports a number of tattoos—embraces the collision of art and family in his life now. But as a young, small-town Wisconsin kid who couldn’t stop sketching, he was driven to forge a space for himself, by himself. READ THE REST HERE


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