My Destination Ann Arbor feature about Milan Coffee Works


Mary Racette, owner Matthew Bjurman, and Amber Sumner at Milan Coffee Works. (Photo by Jenn McKee)

They say that adversity reveals character – so Milan Coffee Works’ recent, good-humored response to a coffee-batch-gone-wrong just might make the quirky, little, off-the-beaten-path cafe your new favorite hang.

“We bagged (the coffee) up and sold it at a discount, calling it ‘Oops Roast,’” said MCW founder/owner Matthew Bjurman, who Instagrammed a photo of the brown paper bags bearing personalized Sharpie messages like, “It’s better than bad! And it’s organic!” and “Don’t go falling in love with it. It will never be roasted the same way again.”

Despite (or perhaps because of) these witty warnings, the “one of a kind” roast promptly sold out.

More broadly, since opening its doors in in 2014, MCW – which not only serves but also roasts artisan coffee on-site (in a machine called Amelia, after the pioneering female pilot) – has become a popular stop for locals who pretty much have a standing daily order; cyclists from Ann Arbor; and occasionally truckers on their way to Ohio, or car repair customers who wander in from down the street.

“One of our big things is the bourbon latte,” said Amber Sumner, a barista who started work at MCW last September. “It’s the reason I started coming here as a customer. … It’s one of those things where, if you have it, and you like the taste of it, it’s hard to find in other places.” READ THE REST HERE


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