My Destination Ann Arbor blog post about Zingerman’s Camp Bacon

It’s official: Zingerman’s famous Camp Bacon. is just as dreamy as it sounds.

Now in its tenth year, this multi-day celebration (happening May 29-June 2, 2019) of everyone’s favorite savory meat features a film festival at Greyline; a Bakin’ with Bacon class at the Bakehouse; the Bacon Ball. (this year spotlighting ‘nduja, a spreadable salumi blended from Calabrian sweet and spicy peppered pork) at the Roadhouse; a bacon tasting program for kids at the Deli; a cheese tasting – alongside Zingerman’s specialty bacon Pimento, of course. – at the Creamery; a breakfast (prepared by four-time James Beard Foundation finalist Steve McHugh) at Greyline; a lunch talk with “Travels Through Dali: With a Leg of Ham” author Mei Zhang; and a Camp Bacon Street Fair.

But even with all these tasty options, the appropriately titled Main Event symposium at Cornman Farms. is Camp Bacon’s centerpiece, offering a full day of “meaty speakers” and, of course, a bacon-centric breakfast and lunch.

None of this, however, specifically aims to mark Camp Bacon’s one decade anniversary.

“We don’t really care about that, other than it’s a nice, round number,” said Zingerman’s co-founder Ari Weinzweig. “It’s like a birthday. We just try to keep getting better, like everything else we do. We never get it all right, so we keep pushing the envelope.” READ THE REST HERE


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