My Metromode story about brunch spots in downtown Farmington

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 9.34.09 PM.pngThe first in an occasional series on brunch spots in the metro region. We begin in downtown Farmington.

Weekends are for sleeping in (provided you don’t have young children or pets providing unwanted wake-up calls).

They’re for taking the time to recover, awake, arise, and start the day.

So it’s little wonder that brunch has become such a popular dining trend in recent years. As busy as everyone is, a civilized meal with a reasonably late morning start time sounds about as irresistible as a bubbly, refreshing mimosa.

Where can you meet up with friends or family members for brunch (or just late breakfast) in downtown Farmington? This week, Metromode highlights four spots that offer some delicious options for those lazy weekend mornings. READ THE REST HERE


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