My Michigan Alumnus mag profile of Jennifer Beyer

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 10.16.43 PMWhen Jennifer Beyer, ’03, MA’08, came to a fork in her professional road, she took both paths. She is an award-winning exhibit designer and the co-owner of the Michigan-based Good Design Group as well as a riding instructor for the disabled working at Ann Arbor’s Therapeutic Riding, Inc. Her two jobs may seem profoundly different at first blush, but Beyer believes that the central role of storytelling makes them more like two sides of the same coin.

“In both my roles, my primary job is to teach people something,” says Beyer, who has worked with a number of museums and galleries designing their exhibit spaces.

But what has Beyer herself learned? She recently shared some life lessons with Michigan Alumnus. READ THE REST HERE


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