My Metromode story about Michigan nonprofits adapting to the new normal

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 9.53.16 PMAt the start of Michigan’s COVID-19 shutdown in March, a lot of work came to an abrupt stop.

But organizations that support the state’s nonprofit sector actually got busier – albeit from home.

“For us, our work increased,” said Kelley Kuhn, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for the Michigan Nonprofit Association. “We had to look at ways to help organizations navigate through this time of uncertainty, and help them stay informed about new opportunities.”

That pivot included regular, check-in phone calls, policy updates, and a four-part, expert-led webinar about Paycheck Protection Program loans.

“We’re trying to make sure nonprofits know what these programs are, since many of them offer capital that nonprofits haven’t traditionally had access to,” said Kuhn.

That’s not to say these shifts came easily, given the collaborative nature of nonprofit support organizations. READ THE REST HERE



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