My review of Theatre Nova’s ‘Katherine’


Melissa Beckwith stars in Kim Carney’s “Katherine” at Theatre Nova.

Kim Carney’s new play, Katherine, now having its world premiere at Ann Arbor’s Theatre Nova, has a wholly apt tagline: “Herstory repeats itself.”

The one-woman show highlights five generations of women within one family. Thanks to an established tradition of naming the first-born daughter Katherine, we glimpse the carriers of that name (all played by Melissa Beckwith) over the course of about a century. Beginning with a farmer’s wife who addresses God one night in a barn, the play goes on to feature a single mother of five who’s desperate to find work during the Depression; a snarky, bored, alcoholic housewife who’d prefer a male therapist; an addict-turned-motivational speaker who finds God in a school community’s response to a natural disaster; and a contemporary single businesswoman who stands at a personal and professional crossroads.

The 90 minute play, directed by David Wolber, is structured in five scenes, with minimal props and nifty transitions that show us Beckwith, in silhouette behind a screen, transforming into the next Katherine. READ THE REST HERE


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