My Destination Ann Arbor story about the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s place in the town’s cultural ecosystem

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.06.03 PM.pngBecause Ann Arbor has long been the home of North America’s oldest experimental film festival – 2018 will mark the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s 56th year – the town also has also become the home of some pretty big AAFF fans.

Robin Sober and her husband were living outside of Toronto in the 1990s when they visited Ann Arbor and stumbled upon the cutting edge annual film fest (happening March 20-25 this year, at the Michigan Theater and other venues). “It became part of the story of why we loved Ann Arbor, and why we wanted to move here,” said Sober, a retiree who now works as a leadership consultant. She and her husband Ron arrived in 1999 and have lived in Ann Arbor since. “ … We tended to always travel to university towns, because they generally have an open-mindedness that we like, and used books and music stores, and things like that that we appreciate. When we came to Ann Arbor, the town had that, but it also had something special beyond that. And that’s the Ann Arbor Film Festival, which is so near and dear to us now – to the point where Ron and I sponsor an experimental film award as part of our contribution to the festival.” READ THE REST HERE


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