My We Love Ann Arbor preview for the Threads All Arts Festival

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.43.11 AM.pngWhen you first hear about the Threads All Arts Festival, happening for just the second time ever this weekend, you might have a vague notion, as I did, of a big event featuring local fiber artists.


Let me help: instead of focusing on the “Threads” part, focus instead on the “All Arts” part, and you’ll get a much more accurate sense of this ambitious festival’s vision, which involves bringing together local artists who create different kinds of music, dance, poetry, visual art, film and more.
“We spent a few months trying to name it, and came up with some silly names, like Local Grounds and Locally Bassed,” said co-founder/drummer Nicole Patrick. “At the end of a long night, someone was standing on a rug and said, ‘We should name it Threads, because … it’s about all these art forms coming together, and being woven together.’”

Patrick was a U-M music school senior when she and a friend (Samuel Schaefer) applied for and received a grant from the school’s EXCEL entrepreneurial program. The inaugural Threads All Arts Festival happened in April 2016 at Ann Arbor’s Yellow Barn.

“It was really an experiment,” said Patrick. “ … Being artists ourselves, it was a melting pot of things we wish would happen for us at a gig. We made all these plans to get people to help the artists carry their gear, help them get it hooked up on stage – at the end of the festival, that’s where we heard the most positive feedback. … One of our philosophies is that, if the artist is happy and appreciative, the audience feels that. … If an artist wants to perform and gives their all, and it matters to them, that reads in the audience.” READ THE REST HERE


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