My Destination Ann Arbor Great Minds Think A Lot profile of Nikki Sunstrum

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 4.05.13 PM.pngThis profile is part of Destination Ann Arbor’s Great Minds Think a Lot series, highlighting influential leaders in Washtenaw County who make a positive impact within our community.

Between having six young, active kids and working as the University of Michigan’s Director of Social Media Communications and Public Engagement, Nikki Sunstrum’s leisure time has been, well, pretty sharply limited since she moved to the Ann Arbor area five years ago.

“I must admit, we haven’t done a really good job of exploring Ann Arbor,” said Sunstrum. “ … And we actually did an entire content series this year for the University called ‘Summer at Michigan.’ It was a series specifically for Youtube that showcased everything that was happening over the course of the summer. However, I executed that from my office, and didn’t actually go (to the events).”

Hopefully, Sunstrum will get to experience more Ann Arbor things in person in the coming years. But in the meantime, let’s find out more about her, since she somehow managed to carve out a few moments to talk about her work, her home life, and what drives her. READ THE REST HERE


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